Embracing Positivity in 2024

If someone were to ask you if the first quarter of the 2020’s has been good or bad, how would you respond?

Some people may look at the positives and focus on advancements in technology and the progress made in renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and medicine, highlighted by the rapid development of the COVID-19 vaccines in the face of a global pandemic. Other people may respond differently and focus on the havoc inflicted on healthcare systems, economies, and general daily life.

They may also be concerned about global warming as the last three years have shown extreme weather events and record-breaking temperatures. They could be anxious about geopolitical tensions including US trade wars, the conflict in Ukraine and the terrible events in the Middle East. They may also worry about the rise of far-right politics across parts of the World.

What is irrefutable is that the 2020’s have so far proven to be a complicated decade and a more diplomatic answer to our question might best be articulated as ‘challenging’.

How the World moves forward from those challenges will however be the decade’s ultimate legacy.

As this is the week when the majority of people returned to work after the break, the next question to ponder is, will 2024 will be an improvement on the past few years? Only time will tell, but there are a number of reasons why we should be tentatively optimistic about 2024 being better and brighter than more recent years.

Here are some reasons to be cheerful about 2024


2024 is expected to witness significant strides with ongoing research bringing innovative treatments, vaccines, and therapies.


Despite some reservations, artificial intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionise certain fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, and environmental sustainability.

Environmental Sustainability

The global drive to combatting climate change appears to have gained momentum with 2024 expected to see an increase in eco-friendly innovations across industries.


The integration of technology and innovative teaching methodologies will enable young people to tackle future challenges.


Admittedly difficult to see the positive from the current perspective, but with enhanced international cooperation and diplomacy, we can hold on to some hope for peaceful resolutions.


Whilst we should be concerned and care about global issues, there is very little that we can do as individuals to directly influence the outcomes, so why not embrace the well-intentioned positivity, rather than dwell on the negatives?

We can also influence our own attitudes, habits, and behaviours and in doing so, become even more effective in making 2024 our most productive year yet!

Here’s to a fantastic 2024!