Because we look to the future, we’re helping to build resilient circular economies

We’re a world leader in our industry. Our aim is to be at the heart of creating a hi-tech metals circular economy.

The industries we work with face new and mounting pressures. They must reduce their impact on the environment as regions continue their drive to achieve net-zero emissions economies. They face fierce and growing competition for critical raw materials from new, emerging industries. And they’re under massive financial pressure, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

What we do is critical to their long-term manufacturing competitiveness and raw material resilience. It’s also key to achieving a net-zero emissions economy in which our customers and partners can thrive.


  • Help the industries we work with reduce their external dependency on raw materials supply and the associated risk of leverage
  • Protect our industries against supply chain disruption
  • Deliver sustainable commercial, strategic and environmental benefits

How we’re helping the transition to climate neutrality

Most of the world’s trade today is based on a linear economy. This is when we take resources from the ground to make products that we ultimately throw away. We:

Take > Make > Waste

This system is fundamentally flawed. To protect the environment and create thriving economies and societies, we must change how we make, use and reuse products and the resources within them.

In contrast to a linear economy, a circular economy:

Designs out waste and pollution, Keeps products and materials in use, Regenerates natural systems.

Because this circular model separates growth from finite resource consumption, it makes better social, environmental, and economic sense.

How we create closed-loop supply chains

Our advanced materials management systems and metals processing technology create closed-loop supply chains that support the development of circular economies.

They help you:

  • Keep your critical raw materials in the supply chain at their highest possible quality and value, and
  • Significantly reduce your waste, pollution and energy consumption

Our technology helps you:

Spend less on external raw materials, Reduce mining activity, Shorten the supply chain, Reduce refining activity, Keep materials in circulation for longer, Significantly reduce energy use and CO2 emissions, Drive sustainable economic growth, Reduce transportation requirements,

What we do gives you a more secure, visible and self-sufficient closed-loop supply chain.

It helps you create an efficient circular flow of materials that you can reuse for their original purpose.

Crucially, it protects you from fluctuations in the price and availability of raw materials.

Ultimately, this circular approach helps you create a more resilient organisation and strengthen your commitment to sustainability as the world moves towards carbon neutrality.

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