The best companies are restless.

They constantly drive innovation, bring about change and meet the future head-on.

The team at IMET have been doing this for years. We continue to lead the industry, delivering unrivaled performance in materials, service and value to our clients around the globe.

We set the industry standard. Now we’re committed to pushing it even further.

We’re confident in our position as market leaders. But we’re not complacent.

We understand that the quality, traceability and visibility of your materials is paramount. That you have no room for compromise. That you expect the same level of quality control from all your suppliers that you apply yourselves.

So we continue to develop our processes and technology to meet the demands of next-generation alloys. To make sure you enjoy consistently high levels of both quality and cost control. And to make sure we protect natural resources and cut the environmental impact of mining for raw materials.

Our closed-loop supply chains and advanced technology help you retain high-grade, high-value raw materials.
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Individual service, on a global scale

Our corporate structure is simple by design. We want to remain agile, able to react quickly and make decisions fast.
Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, we listen to you so we can provide you with the exact services you need.

We’re well equipped. Our advanced IT systems and unique processing technology mean we’re the only company who can process next-generation alloys. Crucially, they give you total control and visibility of your valuable material supply chain.

We have sufficient global reach to be fast. We have facilities close to major aerospace and industrial manufacturing hubs in the USA and Europe. We’re also an approved supplier with most of the world’s major titanium and superalloy mills.

But, perhaps, the key aspect of our make-up is that we’re independent. This means we have no external pressures or competing demands. You can be confident we’re working for you, and no one else.

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