IMET invest in the future with new graduate hire

One of the statements we make on our website is that ‘The best companies are restless. They constantly drive innovation, bring about change and meet the future head-on.’ To make sure we live up to this, we regularly take on graduates to build on our expertise. We welcome the challenge, new ideas and fresh thinking they bring.

One of our most recent graduate recruits is Euan Hurter. After spending two years as a research associate on one of our knowledge transfer partnerships, Euan has joined us as an engineering and technology manager.

Euan says, ‘It’s exciting to play a role in IMET’s growth in its existing markets, as well as help develop technology to enter new ones. I have a large degree of freedom—and an abundance of support—to tackle problems and develop new technology. In terms of the industry, materials are always going to be required, and developing circular economies helps bring about the material revolution we are currently seeing across the globe.’

Welcome to IMET Euan. We’re delighted to have you on our team.