Consolidating our commitment to corporate social responsibility and our armed forces

IMET Alloys is delighted to have become a recent recipient of the Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award as part of the Employer Recognition Scheme. (ERS)

This award helps consolidate IMET’s commitment to corporate & social responsibility and our long-standing belief in community engagement. More specifically, it underlines our support of military personnel, veterans, and their families.

Receiving this award is not only about the prestige; it also signifies IMET’s values of fairness and inclusion, not only in the workplace but in society. By actively partaking in the Armed Forces Covenant we are supporting the transition of our military veterans as they re-enter civilian life.

Military culture is very different from civilian life and some veterans may find the transition a challenge leading to feelings of isolation. Additionally, veterans may find it difficult to articulate their military experiences that resonates with civilian employers. In turn, some employers might not be able to appreciate the transferrable nature of many of those skills gained from a career in the armed forces.

Some veterans may experience mental health issues related to their military experience, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety. Others may have physical health challenges such as injuries or disabilities resulting from their service that can also have a negative impact on employment opportunities.

There are several other issues relating to social support and relationship building, which without the structured environment of the armed forces can be difficult. This lack of a defined structure can also result in a loss of purpose leading to feelings of confusion and depression.

The challenges facing those that have served to defend their country, and our values should not be underestimated

It is good to see so many organisations from many diverse industries and sectors willing to sign the Armed Forces Covenant. Not only does it demonstrate a commitment beyond profit margins, but also enhances a company’s reputation within military and civilian communities.

IMET is a company that values its employees and shares a common culture across its global locations. At the heart of that culture is a profound pride of working for an organisation that values social responsibility and actively contributes to meaningful causes. Signing the Covenant will therefore be a something that our teams across all our locations will thoroughly support.

In summary, the Armed Forces Covenant Award is not just another trophy for the display cabinet but symbolises our commitment to our veterans and the service they have given, often at personal cost and sacrifice.

There are of course benefits from the company perspective

By embracing the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant, we are also consolidating our commitment to corporate social responsibility, which is good for our business, our brand and of course our community.

But more importantly, it supports our veterans and their families at a time when they need it most.