Key Account Manager
United Kingdom
Year Started

Questions & Answers

When did you join IMET?

In 2015. Before joining the company, I worked for Lloyds bank as a mortgage advisor. I spent almost a year doing that after being promoted from the insurance department. Before that I was with Citibank in their credit card department.

What do you do here? What is your main responsibility?

My main responsibility is related to managing everything for my customers: the logistics, movement of their materials, organising every collection, liaising with them any time there is a problem, cooperating with Stephen and the team here.

However, we all do a bit of everything. For example, last week I was organising a technical bid and it helped that I can speak Italian and Spanish so I could talk to the customers we have in these countries.

I also do some administration. I make sure all the data for the material we manage for our customers is updated in the system, so they have a real-time overview of what we’re doing.

And I do some business development, introducing IMET to potential new customers.

What do you need to be good at to do your job well? What particular skills and knowledge do you have?

A lot of patience! We deal with different problems every day. We have to be well organised and at the same time able to multitask – this industry is much broader than the others I’ve worked in.

We need good customer relationship and networking skills to keep good relationships with all the people who are part of what we do, such as suppliers and environmental agencies. And again, there are language skills: it’s easier for our customers when we can speak their language.

What problems do you need to overcome as part of your work?

Problems are definitely related to the high degree of attention to detail we need to maintain.

We manage a huge amount of data. If there is just one mistake, that has a domino effect. We have to be able to come up with solutions at the last minute if needed. This can be stressful and demanding so we need to have good empathy with our customers and properly understand their needs.

It also helps to have an open mind as much as possible. I could be asked to do something I’ve never done before as we have to be able to work across all the different aspects of the business and be prepared to get out of our comfort zone.

How do you know when your work has gone well?

When I don’t hear from Stephen and Ruaraidh! Sometimes our customers send an email thanking us for the prompt action I took, and the final result of a bid can be a reflection of how well we’ve done. But generally speaking we get plenty of feedback from across the business when things go well - and occasionally when they don’t!

What do you enjoy most about your job and working in this industry?

The spectrum of things we get to deal with is very, very wide. At IMET, we’re given the opportunity to get involved in new and different aspects of the business and the chance to work with different departments.

However, sometimes you don’t feel so comfortable as you have to expose yourself to things that are completely new. But I would say the dynamic environment you find here is something quite enjoyable.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m doing an MBA, which is taking up the majority of my time. But when I do have some spare time I try to spend it doing things with my partner. We both like hiking and also enjoy travelling, having short holidays around Europe. I also enjoy reading, football and like to find time for cooking as being Italian I think it’s in my genes.